Green is the Color of Satisfaction, Survey Says


Are green home buyers happy home buyers? A new survey shows that they are.

More and more consumers are looking for green—or high-performance—homes that are designed to save energy and water and that incorporate locally sourced materials. Choosing a builder or remodeler who holds the NAHB Certified Green Professional (CGP) or Master Certified Green Professional designations is one way to find someone with the latest knowledge of these high-performance practices.

Robin Hackney of Wilmington-based building company, Horizon Homes, received her CGP in 2008. “For me it was a way to learn about how to build green and send a message to our customers that we were committed to this and took the time to become educated and certified.”

The Certified Green Professional designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into homes— without driving up the cost of construction. Class work leading to the designation provides a solid background in green building methods, as well as the tools to reach consumers, from the organization leading the charge to provide market-driven green building solutions to the home building industry.

Industry professionals such as Hackney have studied the interplay between energy efficiency and indoor air quality, understand the principles of environmentally sensitive lot design, and are trained to help their buyers make decisions that result in a home that is as green as they want it to be.

In addition to GCP designations, builders are also turning to certification programs such as the ICC National Green Building Standard (NGBS). A GuildQuality survey released in February showed that home owners who purchased a home certified to the NGBS are overwhelmingly likely to be glad they did.

Here’s what the study found:

  • 94% would recommend a green home to a friend.
  • 92% would purchase another green home.
  • 71% of respondents believe that green homes are, overall, of higher quality.
  • 55% knew their home may have cost more than a non-green home, but believed the benefits outweighed the cost.
  • 90% were satisfied knowing they “did the right thing” in buying a green home.

Consumers that were surveyed wanted homes that are built to provide lower utility bills, simpler maintenance and better energy efficiency—and green homes are delivering. “Everyone wants a comfortable, safe home with low utility bills,” says Hackney. “Building with green/energy efficient components will definitely save them money on their monthly bills.” To help accomplish energy efficiency, Horizon Homes uses Blown Cellulose insulation in walls, Radiant Barrier roof decking, and 15 SEER heating and air conditioning systems in all homes.

As CGP designated builders maintain their commitment to green building, consumers will continue to see the benefits it offers. “I want to continue to find ways to build homes that are energy efficient for the least additional costs with the smallest carbon footprint,” says Hackney.

You can find a CGP or Master CGP at to help you build or remodel your green dream home.