Wilmington Area Home Builders Celebrate the American Dream of Homeownership in June


In good times and in bad, homeownership is truly the cornerstone of the American way of life. The Wilmington – Cape Fear Home Builders Association (WCFHBA) will be celebrating National Homeownership Month in June. For many people, the opportunity to own a home has always been a cherished ideal and a source of pride, accomplishment, social stability and peace of mind.

“Most Americans consider homeownership to be the single best long-term investment and a primary source of wealth and financial security,” says Craig Johnson, WCFHBA President. “And countless generations of Americans have counted on their homes for their children’s education, their own retirement and a personal sense of well-being.”

The financial benefits of homeownership begin in the first year for most home owners, through the ability to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes paid off their taxable income. Over years of ownership, home appreciation also builds financial security for a family’s future.

Yet, a home is so much more than an investment. Homeownership builds stronger communities. Home building strengthens the property tax base that supports local schools and community infrastructure. Constructing 100 new homes creates more than 300 full-time jobs, $23.1 million in wage and business income and $8.9 million in federal, state and local tax revenue. 

“Homeownership provides a solid foundation for family and personal achievement,” says Cameron Moore, Executive Officer of WCFHBA. “The current market offers many incredible opportunities for anyone thinking of buying a home, including a great selection of affordable homes for sale and interest rates at near historic low levels.”

To learn more about homeownership opportunities in the Wilmington area, visit or call (910) 799-2611.