BUILD-PAC Candidates Successful in Election


Nearly three million North Carolinians voted last week in the 2014 General Election. Congressional, legislative and local seats were up for election. Additionally, local initiatives like school bonds and transportation bonds were on the ballots.

Locally, 100 % of the candidates supported by BUILD-PAC were elected. These include Congressional Representatives David Rouzer and Walter Jones as well as North Carolina General Assembly members  Sen. Bill Rabon, Sen. Michael Lee, Rep. Ted Davis, Rep. Rick Catlin, Rep. Chris Millis, Rep. Frank Iler, Rep. Susi Hamilton. On the local level, New Hanover County Board of Commission candidates Skip Watkins and Rob Zapple (WCFHBA member) were elected. In Pender County, George Brown and David Williams were re-elected to the Board of Commissioners. Additionally, Wilmington’s transportation bond, which was unanimously supported by BASE, was approved by the voters in the City.

We thank you for taking the time to vote and for supporting those candidates that support your industry. It is critically important that the Association participates in the electoral process.

A few numbers via the North Carolina Association of REALTORS:

North Carolina Legislature

  • Republicans in N.C. House (2015-16): 74
  • Number needed for supermajority: 72
  • Democrats in N.C. House (2015-16): 46
  • Change from 2013-2014: +3 (DEM)
  • New faces in House: 15
  • Incumbents defeated: 4
  • Republicans in N.C. Senate (2015-16): 34
  • Number needed for supermajority: 30
  • Democrats in N.C. Senate (2015-16): 16
  • Change from 2013-2014: +1 (GOP)
  • New faces in Senate: 6
  • Incumbents defeated: 1

N.C. Congressional Delegation

  • Republicans in U.S. House: 10
  • Democrats in U.S. House: 3
  • Change from 2013-2014: +1 (GOP)
  • Republicans in U.S. Senate: 2
  • Democrats in U.S. Senate: 0
  • Change from 2013-2014: +1 (GOP)