Member Monday


Chris Torgeson

Home Decor Solutions, Inc., Budget Blinds of Wilmington

Brief Description of Business: Sales, Service, and Instillation of Window Coverings and Window Treatments

How long have you been a member of WCFHBA? 10 years, since 2004

Why did you join WCFHBA? It’s important to support local businesses and local builders. Being born in Wilmington, I have seen incredible changes of of this beautiful city and watching it grow has been amazing. We like supporting our local builders as they bring new projects to the city and we enjoy dressing the windows which adds beauty to their designs, and in turn to Wilmington.

What is your favorite music genre? I love all types of music. I can’t say I can pick just one. From selective Classic Rock to Jimmy Buffet to the 50’s and 60’s swing, I enjoy the creativity and talents of many artists.

Who is your role model, and why? I would have to pick two, first would be Jesus Christ. He set a perfect model for us to follow, putting proper priorities in place and caring for people over himself. Second would be my father, he taught me how to work with my hands, and work hard at everything I do.

You’re happiest when: I am most happy when I volunteer my time to helping others. My wife and I not only work full time, but we volunteer much of our time in helping others in a Bible Education work and in the construction of meeting facilities. Since we devote much volunteer time, as well as secularly work¬† in running our business, we have very busy schedules, so I am also very happy to take time to relax, seeing the beauty of this world we live on.

If you were on a deserted island and could only bring three things, what would they be? The first without question, a Bible. We are commanded to read God’s word daily, it’s important for our spiritual survival. The second thing would be my wife of 16 years. We have worked together side by side in our volunteer work and secular work for all those years, and not having her with me, well I couldn’t imagine it. Last, I would want a machete because I would need something for gathering food, building a hut to live in, and for protection from wild animals. Though I hope I am never faced with such a situation, because there would be no windows to cover!

Thank you, Chris for participating in Member Monday!