Sales & Marketing Council

Mission Statement

The Cape Fear New Home Sales & Marketing Council, an affiliate of the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association, is dedicated to developing and promoting skills and professionalism in the home building industry, specifically in sales and marketing of new homes. The council provides continuing education, fosters the exchange of ideas, and promotes community involvement and awareness.

Sales & Marketing Council

Goals and Benefits

  • Provide a line of communication between the builder and real estate community
  • Offer professional education and training through the Institute of Residential Marketing (IRM) classes and other educational seminars
  • Provide an effective forum for the exchange of ideas
  • Recognize member achievement through monthly and year-end awards programs
  • Raise the level of council members professionalism and integrity and promote it to the public


Any person directly or indirectly involved in the sales and marketing of new residential properties, providing the prospective member’s employee is a member in good standing with the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association.


Awards & Recognition

The mission of the awards committee is to conduct the awards program of the SMC. The chair presents the monthly award winners their certificate at each monthly meeting and this committee calculates the year-end awards. This committee also presents the Cathy Clark spirit award.

Builder/Broker Relations

The mission of this committee is to improve the relationship between builders and brokers.


Their mission is to provide educational services to the members. To plan educational classes and get qualified speakers.


The objective of membership is to plan and conduct a program for membership retention and development. They are to identify annual goals for membership and retention and prepare and coordinate a program to achieve these goals. They orient and recognize all new members and recognize members for their recruiting and retention efforts.


The goal of this committee is to provide interesting programs at all general meetings.

Special Events (Neighborhoods on Parade; Neighborhood Market)

Their objective is to coordinate the activities for special viewing of selected homes in the parade. They recruit participation from the brokers, secure sponsorships, and advertise this activity to brokers.


We have numerous networking and educational opportunities for you through the Sales & Marketing Council. Access our Event Calendar to see what’s coming up in the next month.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Cape Fear New Home Sales & Marketing Council

What is the Cape Fear New Home Sales & Marketing Council?

The Cape Fear New Home SMC is an independent council formed under the auspices of the Wilmington- Cape Fear Home Builders Association. The SMC has its own executive steering committee, which directs the activities of the council. These activities are carried out through the builder/real estate agent relations, educational, membership, programs, special events, and awards committees. This council was formed to address the specific needs of those, either directly or indirectly, involved in the sales & marketing of new homes.

What is the mission of the Cape Fear SMC?

The Cape Fear New Home Sales & Marketing Council, an affiliate of the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association, is dedicated to developing and promoting skills and professionalism in the home building industry, specifically in sales & marketing of new homes. The council provides continuing education, fosters the exchange of ideas and promotes community involvement & awareness.

Do I have to join the Home Builders Association individually before I can join the SMC?

No, you do not have to join the HBA as an individual. When a company joins the HBA, that company’s membership extends to all employees of that company.

So, how do I join the Cape Fear SMC?

If your company is an active member of the Home Builders Association, you are eligible to join the SMC as an individual. All you have to do is complete an application and return it along with a check (made out to SMC) for the first year’s dues to the HBA office.

How much are SMC dues?

SMC dues are $110 annually. Dues are paid on a rolling calendar year, depending on the month in which you joined.

Is there a National affiliation of the Sales & Marketing Council?

Yes. There is a National Sales & Marketing Council in Washington, D.C. A portion of your dues paid to the local SMC is then paid to the NSMC to enroll you as a national member, also.

What does the NSMC provide?

The most widely favored item the NSMC sends out is the Sales & Marketing Ideas magazine. They also administer a national awards program, facilitate the CSP & IRM training programs, maintain a network of employment opportunities called ProNet, provide a free ad review service, and much more.

What does the local SMC provide?

The most popular activity that the Cape Fear New Home SMC performs locally is the CSP & IRM training courses. (CSP stands for Certified New Home Sales Professional and IRM stands for Institute of Residential Marketing.) These nationally recognized courses are offered to SMC members at a discount as one of the many benefits of being a member and provide training specifically geared toward new home sales professionals. Affiliation with the SMC also creates networking opportunities at special events and membership meetings. The SMC members meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 8:30 am and we have many great speakers throughout the year at these meetings. Furthermore, we administer a year-round awards program recognizing the new homes sales efforts of our members and the annual “Cathy Clark Spirit Award”. Members will receive “Builder News,” which is an e-newsletter that HBA produces every Monday, informing members of weekly events and all SMC announcements.

Is there any other reason why I should join the SMC?

Everyday you wait to join is one more day that you miss out on being a member of the only group devoted to furthering the goals and objectives of new home sales professionals like yourself. Get the advantage! Join the Cape Fear New Home Sales & Marketing Council TODAY!